4 tips for choosing the right warehouse for relocation

4 tips for choosing the right warehouse for relocation

Whether it is the peak season coming or an expansion of operations, many a manager have found themselves needing extra warehouse space. The selection of the right space is an important part of this process. There will likely be many options to choose from, but with these tips, the selection process will be much easier.

Do not settle

When choosing a warehouse for hire, adopt the mindset of someone outright buying the structure. This means being very selective, and not settling on anything less. First, make sure all the key decision makers have a chance to view the warehouse. There are many site selection and modelling tools that can help determine the suitability of the location. Do not be afraid of the distance, or whether it is far away from the city or from major markets. Think also about value addition when searching for the warehouse space; is it flat or does it come with the necessary systems support?


Operations might just have started expanding, but that does not mean the expansion will stop there. The fact that you had to find alternative arrangements only adds to the importance of having to find warehouse space that will accommodate volume changes. This will prevent you from having to break contracts every now and then in the event that the current operation proves too small.


Technology allows for a lot of visual capabilities and marketing options, one can easily present their space using video or photographs. For something as sensitive as warehouse space, though, there is no shortcut. You have to visit the place before putting pen to paper. There are several things that an on-site visit will help with, like reviewing the structural integrity of the building, looking for signs of recent or ongoing maintenance practices, the cleanliness of the locations and so on. Make a note of any damages in the warehouse area that can be used as a negotiating tool.


Make sure you are clear about your storage requirements. Will you be using pallets, racks or normal shelves and racks? If you are using simple racks like the Durham 5007-4s-95, make sure the space is appropriate.